Benefits of Membership

Legitimacy in rank and direct Lineage to the Founder of Kenpo/Kempo Karate in New England, Sr. Grandmaster S. George Pesare.

IKCG Patch and Certificate signed by the Board.

Discounts on IKCG Seminars and IKCG sanctioned tournaments.

Annual rank certification and promotional rank testing by the IKCG Board.

Sr. Grandmaster
S.George Pesare
The International Kenpo Council

Grandmaster Steve Nugent
CEO & President
207F Cambridge St. Burlington, MA 01803 (781)270-9099

October 13, 2018

Make sure to join us for our 8th Annual IKCG Tournament & Homecoming Banquet!


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The International Kenpo Council of Grand Masters present an event like no other!

Kenpo stylists from all over the East coast come together to train, compete, dine, and test for rank before the Council.

Promotions from the most legitimate Grand Masters in the world today PLUS a kids tournament that is changing the sport!

Last year's tournament included pony rides, a bounce house, and free bike raffles for the kids!!

The parents of your younger students will thank you for bringing them!

To receive additional information on the IKCG Tournament and Banquet please send us a message with your email address, name, home mailing address and/or karate school.

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