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Member Schools

Criteria for School Membership in the IKCG

• Membership is contingent on review and approval by the members of the Executive Board of Directors.
• No school owner who was “self promoted” to 10th Degree and/or claims to have created their own system without proof of Kenpo/Kempo lineage will be allowed membership into our organization.
• Rank must be verified by providing copies of all certificates.
• Any student of a member school will be allowed individual membership.

1. Steve Nugent's Karate Institute, Burlington, Arlington, Cambridge, Waltham, Wellesley, Reading, MA

2. Kenpo Karate Institute, Providence, RI

3. Roger Carpenter's Kansas Karate Institute , Wichita, KS

4. Bobby Lynn's Kenpo Karate, Waltham, MA

5. New England Karate Academy - Alan D'Allessandro, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Auburn, MA

6. Zanshin Kenjutsu of Billerica - Paul Parent, Billerica, MA

7. Dragon Phoenix Martial Arts - Jesse Dwire, Chelmsford and Natick, MA

8. Zanshin Kenjutsu Kenpo Karate - David Ghize, Hudson, MA

9. Logan’s Martial Arts - Bill and Tammy Logan, Tallahassee, FL (Florida, MA - State Directors)

10. Lombardi Institute For Martial Arts, Warwick, RI

11. Wachusett Martial Arts, Rutland, MA

12. Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy, Norwich, CT

13. New England Oki-Ryu Kenpo Karate, Warwick, RI

14. Nick Cerio's Kenpo - Joe Smith, Plainville, MA

15. Karate Pro Dojo, Melrose, MA

16. Zanshin Kenjutsu of Dedham - Chris Horlbogen, Dedham, MA

17. Zanshin Kenjutsu of Bellingham - Jimmy O'Brien, Bellingham, MA

18.Johnson's Red Dragons Kenpo Karate Studio - Paul Johnson, Springfield, MA

19. Paul Silva Kenpo of Maine, Kenduskeag, , ME

20. Shoju-Kempo Ryu, Providence, RI

21. 9 W Kempo - Jim Morrill, Albany, NY

22. Tim Wakefield's Shaolin Martial Arts Canada, Aurora, Ontario, CAN

23. Bellingham Family Karate -Bill Rowe, Bellingham, MA

24. Rocky DiRico's Kenpo Karate, Arlington & Natick, MA

25. Tokyo Joe's Studios of Self Defense - Bobby LaMattina, Nashua, NH

26. Rudy Duncan's Martial Arts, Syracuse, NY

27. Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts, Woburn, MA

28. Nick Cerio's Kenpo - Keith O'Callaghan, Weymouth,MA

29. Tokyo Joe's Studio of Belmont - Frank Manzelli, Belmont,MA

30. Ronin Kenpo Karate - Dennis Gomes, Lincoln, RI

31. Mike Worobel Martial Arts, North Hampton, NH

32. Satori Ryu Martial Arts - Eric Kearns, Canton, MA

33. Zanshin Kenjutsu of Pelham - Paul Parent, Pelham, NH

34. Komushin Ryu Academy (Nippon Jujitsu - Kenjitsu - Kyu-jitsu)- Wali Islam, Hartford, CT

35. Journey Martial Arts - Clayton Johnston, Long Island, NY

36. Rebelo's Kenpo Karate - Joe Rebelo, New Bedford, MA

37. Nick Cerio's Kenpo - Keith O'Callaghan, Marshfield, MA

38. The Pound Martial Arts Center, East Wareham, MA

39. Raven Lee Smith Karate - Raven Lee Smith, Springfield, MA

40. Karate International - Joe Costa, Windham, NH

41. Tokyo Joe's Studio of Concord - Alan Gomes, Concord, NH

42.Tokyo Joe's Studios of Self Defense - Bob Arredondo, Milford, NH